Mayoral candidate Tony Buzbee announces plan to improve flood control projects

It's hard to forget the damage Hurricane Harvey did to neighborhoods near Greenspoint. What's worse, more than two years later, plenty of folks around that area are still hurting.

"They are still in extended stay, some of them staying with family, some still staying on the streets. You ride up and down this street, you will see them walking back and forth because they got no place to stay," said Harvey victim Pamela Banks.

Banks is five feet of pure frustration over the absence of government aid.

"The ones that needed it didn't get it, the big people got it," said Banks.

Harvey water swamped her business and without federal aid delivered through the City of Houston, the Navy veteran went bankrupt.

"When you go and apply, you fill out a hundred pieces of paper and then they are going to deny you for some small reason. So who is getting the money? What are the victory laps for? It's going to their pockets," said Banks.

Across town two hours later in front of a shuttered HPD sub-station flooded by Harvey, Tony Buzbee pledged the City's response will change before, during and after a flood event if he's elected Houston Mayor.

"We will not be caught like a deer in the headlights," said Buzbee.

Buzbee's proposals include modification of flood-prone intersections, systematic clearing of drains, the appointment of an emergency flood coordinator, rapid removal of debris and a complete "reboot" of disaster aid distribution to suffering Houstonians.

"We are going to cut through all that foolishness. We are going cut through that. We are going to get the job done. We are going to figure out how to get the job done. We are going to start turning dirt and helping people," said Buzbee.

Mayor Sylvester Turner's campaign responded quickly.

“This is a political statement, not a serious plan. It’s a mix of things that are already being done combined with worn out, false political attacks. More of the same from Tony Buzbee,” said Turner spokesperson Sue Davis.