Mayor Turner wears #70 Army jersey after losing bet in Armed Forces Bowl

Mayor Sylvester Turner had a special meeting at City Hall on Tuesday to make good on a bet that he lost in December.

Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk II runs Fort Hood. He made a bet with Mayor Turner over who would win the Armed Forces Bowl between the University of Houston and Army.

Army ultimately won 70 to 14. Mayor Turner had to wear an Army football jersey with the number 70 on it.

"The mayor and I were actually on Twitter talking before the game, as a matter of fact," says Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk II. "He made this bet and he was gracious enough to pay up. And more importantly we were good enough to win."

"And then Army was good enough to show up at City Hall with a jersey," Mayor Turner said laughing. "Not only were they good enough, they put 70 on it."

Mayor Turner says there's a lesson.

"You don't start a war with the United States Army," Mayor Turner says. "You don't exercise good judgement if you do that. But I'm proud that we're on the same side."