Mattress Mack 'Gangsta commercial' announcing new sale goes viral; seemingly seen mixing "Lean"

Mattress Mack is going viral for his new "Gangsta" commercial. 

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In the commercial, Jim McIngvale, who goes by Mattress Mack, is seen wearing a bandanna and puffer jacket, seemingly mixing "Lean" and using "street terms" about a sale at his furniture store, Gallery Furniture.  

Mattress Mack uses some Houston hip-hop terminology, such as "Riding Dirty", "Chopped and Screwed", and references Houston rap legends Pimp-C and Lil Keke.

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The new commercial is getting mixed reviews as some people feel that he is promoting drug use, while others think this is a genius marketing strategy. 

The Houston multi-millionaire has become well-known not just in Houston but across the country for his rather large bets placed on Houston and Texas sports teams. 

The viral Mattress Mack "Gangsta" commercial can be found below: