Mark Berman’s family reflects on his 40+ years as a sportscaster

Mark Berman has been known as "Scoop" for decades, the sports guy who never misses a story. Not many people know much about his personal life, unless they follow the updates about his pets on Twitter. Mark's loving family invited us to his home to reflect about his time on the job and what they hope for his future. 

Mark's family knows that breaking sports stories tops his priority list, but so do Joy, his wife of almost 30 years, his two children, Jacob and Jessica, his grandson Jackson, and of course his dog Yuki and rabbit, Thumper. 

"He tweets about the dog quite a bit and the squirrels and the deer. A lot of people on Twitter say they know the deer and Jackson... and Thumper has his own Twitter account," laugh Jessica and Joy. 

Mark's family fully accepts him for who he is: undoubtedly one of the hardest workers of all time. They respect his work ethic and appreciate his family values. Jacob calls him consistent. Jessica calls him intense. Jacob says he's confident, while Joy describes him as a reclusive person who adores nature. Even though he's well known for grabbing the headlines, Mark always finds a way to be there for his family. 

"If you need something, if you want something, if there's a problem, he's right there," states Jessica. 

Mark's family believes his love of sports likely came from his dad, Hy. 

"My grandfather was a big sports fan, massive sports fan, crazy sports fan," explains Jessica. Mark's mother, Norma, not a sports fanatic, but supported her family's passion. Mark has three brothers, so playing sports, especially basketball, was a big part of his life. 

His dreams of becoming a broadcaster started when he was a young child. 

"He knew when he was little, he used to practice behind a mirror or whatever, behind the clothing store (his parents owned), and he would report. I don't think it matters what he picked; he was going to be the best! He's very competitive. When he's playing ace of spades, oh my goodness, if the man lost – whew, look out," laughs Joy.  "Oh, we'd just have to play him, until he wins," follows up Jessica. 

That competitiveness helped build Mark's strong reputation in the sports field. To be the first on sports stories takes serious dedication. It means working early mornings, late nights, and most holidays. Joy admits it has been challenging to find a balance, because the phone would often ring, taking Mark away on big holidays, like Christmas. 

"When I married Mark, I knew he was very passionate about his job. I noticed that urgency he has for every little story, so I wasn't just trying to be a nice guy and be so saintly, I wanted him out too, because if he's going to behave like that, I get it! No problem, go! So, that's how that went about," laughs Joy. 

"They're both independent people! Very independent, they like to do their own things, and I think it's been like a perfect mesh of a marriage! She doesn't ask for a lot or to go do a lot of things, and you know my father, he just likes working hard," states Jessica. 

That's why Joy makes sure her husband can be on the go at any given moment to break a story. 

"I take care of his lunch, I make sure everything is prepared for him ahead of time, and I prepare it the night before, so that he can take off at 5 o'clock in the morning, if he has to when he wakes up, it's a 24/7 job," says Joy. 

Mark's love of sports definitely influenced his daughter. "It was amazing, and I didn't know it was different because that's all I knew, I'd see famous athletes, or I didn't ask for autographs. They were just people that were like colleagues to my dad, but I loved them, I would root for them, but I didn't realize it was something extraordinary, and it was," exclaims Jessica. She followed in her dad's footsteps in the news industry and works as a producer for FOX 26. 

It's Mark's love of history that peaks his son's interest. 

"I definitely see us watching more war movies with him," states Jacob. 

They have many thoughts about their future with him. 

"I want him to see things and explore new places. Create more memories," says Jessica. "He has to catch up with memories and have different experiences in life and enjoy it, while he still can! He just needs to relax," states Joy. 

Jackson has his own ideas. "I think I'll see him a lot more!  We can go to baseball games, and I want to teach him soccer and maybe go to the gym and stuff," says Jackson. 

"I do hope to go to some Astros games with him. I think that would be fantastic without the work and stay the whole nine innings," says a smiling Jessica.

Joy hopes they can play golf together and start taking road trips, especially to the northeast with so much history waiting to be appreciated! "I really would love that! We're history buffs, so I can't wait to explore that," says Joy. "I hope he relaxes and just watches movies that he likes," reiterates Jacob. 

They're ready to hit the road with Mark, as he has taken only a few vacations during his four decades as a sports broadcaster. Joy hopes their peaceful home outside the big city will be a refuge, as well. 

"Where we live says it all! I kept all my trees, and we built the house that hopefully makes him relax. He loves the animals, so now, he'll be able to enjoy them even more," explains Joy. 

They can't imagine no longer watching him on air though. "It's weird! I watch him almost every night on TV of his sportscasts at 9 o'clock, and now I won't see him anymore," says Jackson. 

"It's weird, right, because he's always been there! My whole life, you're whole life. You just turn on the TV, and he's right there," reflects Jessica. 

Now he'll be there in person. His family is more than proud of him. 

"We know what he has put into this job, and now we know that everyone else knows and that's amazing - that has been the take-away, thank God everybody knows how hard he works, he means it, and we're going to miss it. There's going to be a void in the community without this person doing this job. You think to yourself, Well, how am I going to know that Carlos Correa signed with the Twins? How am I going to know that? I don't know. I don't know what I'm going to for that. I still might call him. I still might try to find out from him," says Jessica. "It really is extraordinary. How much coverage he's had, how much appreciation he's had from everyone, and he deserves that," says Joy. He truly does. 

We're all wishing Mark the very best!