Mardi Gras goes out with a bang on Galveston Island

It was the final Mardi Gras parade on the streets of Galveston, as locals enjoyed the last day of indulgence before Lent. 

"The parade closes Mardi Gras season," says Galveston resident Mark Garcia. "It brings all the local Galvestonians out for the one final Mardi Gras party!"

Galvestonians partied the night away as they prepared for Lent. Many chose to give up temptations such as sweets, red meat, and soda.  

At the end of the parade line sits one of Galveston's oldest buildings, home to one of it's newest restaurants, Hearsay. 

"Mardi Gras has been so great," says Hearsay on the Strand general manager Reed Jones. "We're looking for a lot of locals to enjoy our food and enjoy our concept."

The restuarant is decked out in Mardi Gras fixings and features a cajun-themed menu. 

Even with the cold, the parade floats brought the crowds outdoors to bring Mardi Gras to a close the right way!