Man sentenced to life for killing wife now charged with killing another woman

On December 2, sheriff’s deputies say 57-year-old Kenneth Hubert killed his 45-year-old common law wife Melonie Johnson outside of a Scottish Inn in northern Harris County.

Pastor Clarence Jones was shocked to hear that since Hubert was supposed to be serving a life sentence for murdering the pastor’s sister.

“That in itself would kind of give you the understanding that he’s not going to come out again and he also received a 99-year sentence,” Jones said.

The 99 years the jury gave Hubert in addition to the life sentence was for kidnapping a woman while running from police after the murder. This all happened in 1988.

“She wanted him to move away from her and the children,” Jones said. “They had four children.”

Jones says after his sister Linda declined to file domestic abuse charges against her husband, Hubert killed her.

“When my sister opened the door, he had a gun and shot her four times,” the pastor said.

Turns out Hubert was paroled from prison in 2010.

“Without our knowledge," said Jones.

“He served 21 years of a life sentence which, according to the way TDCJ classifies inmates, that’s not even half of his sentence,” said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. “None of this should have happened, it could have been prevented.”

According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, from January 2017 through June 2018, 355 inmates serving time for first degree murder were paroled. Eighty of those killers paroled during that year-and-a-half period were paroled here to Harris County. Harris County received more of the paroled killers than San Antonio, Austin and Fort Worth combined.