Man says he was victim of hate crime in Montrose

A Houston man says he wants justice after being brutally attacked in what he believes is a hate crime.

Christopher Bradford says he was walking home from Barcode in Montrose on August 1 when someone ran up and punched him in the face. He says two other men joined in and began punching and kicking him, beating him with their belt buckles, and bludgeoning him with a rock.  One suspect was arrested and charged with assault with bodily injury. Bradford says he believes the attack was a hate crime because he had just left a gay bar and believes the suspects had no other reason to be in the neighborhood.

Houston Police Department responded saying: "Merely being in the area Montrose or having left a bar does not necessarily make him a victim of a hate crime. If they had run up to him and yelled some sort of slur at him, then there’s definitely an element of a hate crime. As far as we know, and [according to] witnesses and our victims and our suspect, none of those elements are present.”

Christopher Bradford is on the Factor to talk about it.