Man on mission to find teen son's killer

"I was there the moment he was born," said Emmanuel Thomas.

Blake was Emmanuel's first born and he couldn't be more proud of his eldest son.

"He went to Nimitz High School -- he had just completed his four years there," said Emmanuel.

High school football player Blake was murdered on Nov. 5, 2017. He was visiting The Trails at Dominion Park Luxury Apartment Homes with a friend when an argument developed.

"The guy reached out of the window and shot my son two times," said Emmanuel. He and his daughter say they learned about Blake's murder from photos of his bullet-riddled body on social media.

"It was horrible," said Emmanuel. "It gives me nightmares and that's the last image I have."

"It was terrible, it was heartwrenching, I broke down," said Blake's sister Emmarionna. "I had a nervous breakdown at work. They had to call an ambulance. I've never been that distraught over anything."

All that Harris County Sheriff's Office deputies have to go on is surveillance video from the complex that shows a gray car which leaves the face of the driver unrecognizable.

What would getting justice do for Emmanuel?

"It will make me sleep a whole lot better, it will let me know everything that was around the whole situation," said Emmanuel. "I want to know the facts and why this young man did this."