Man beaten by Baytown police officers because of his race, attorney says

Two months after, Pamela Turner was shot and killed by a Baytown police officer, a man is coming forward to say he was brutally beaten by two officers from the same department.

The Baytown Police Department has released four videos of the incident from officer’s body camera.

Late on July 6, Kedrick Crawford claims he pulled into a HEB parking to use his phone and to look for cigarettes he dropped. That's when the officers approached him.

"They just told me I look suspicious and I got out of my car fast," Crawford said at press conference on Thursday. He was joined by his attorney, Ben Crump, and Turner's family. Crump is also representing Turner's family.

The video shows Crawford giving the officers consent to search his car. After being questioned, Crawford remembers given the okay to leave.  

"So when am I free to go?," Crawford asks an officer in the body cam video.

"Whenever man," the officer replies.

"Whenever?" Crawford asks again.

"Yeah," the officer says.

But seconds later, after the second officer gives some kind of signal, the officer attempts to handcuff Crawford.

When Crawford asks what's going on, the officer replies, "Don’t tense up, dude. I will freaking drop you."

The officers then force Crawford to the ground. The video shows they use their tasers on Crawford multiple times and beat him.

The struggle left Crawford with injuries to his face and body.

Baytown police declined to go on camera but told FOX 26 an officer found several pills in plastic  which is  consistent with narcotics packaged for sale.

Crawford claims they were antibiotics. Drug possession charges have not been filed against him, however, he was charged with assaulting a peace officer. The complaint reads Crawford scratched one of the officers with his finger nails. 

"We believe these bogus charges are going to be thrown out," Crump told reporters.

The video also shows a man in a blue shirt. It appears he is trying to help officers keep Crawford down.

"We fully expect Baytown Police Department to identify who this unknown, apparently, civilian was who was committing assault and battery in their presence, and they allowed them to do it," Crump added.

When asked about the man, the Baytown Police Department only saying the incident is under an internal affairs investigation. Police also say they've reached out to Crawford for a statement, but have been unsuccessful.

"Nah, he has not talked to the people who assaulted and battered him and tried to justify this brutality," Crump stated.

Pamela Turner's family was at the press conference with Crawford and Crump.

The Texas Rangers are investigating Turner’s case. On Thursday, they released the following statement:

"The Texas Rangers (DPS) investigation remains ongoing. Once it is complete, the findings will be submitted to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office."


The officer in Turner’s case is on administrative duty until the investigation is complete.

The officers in Crawford’s case remain on regular duties. Both officers have been with the department for less than two years.

Crump is asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigation the Baytown Police Department.