Man attempts to lure 13-year-old 8th grader into his truck

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“It could happen to anybody’s daughter anybody’s son,” said Evelyn Ramos.

And that’s exactly why Ramos, and her husband Michael, want you to know what happened to their 13-year-old daughter after she left Jackson Intermediate School Tuesday afternoon.

“Man approached her, asked her to get in the vehicle. She told him no, crept away, and took off,” Ramos said.

The girl was able to get the license plate off of the man’s black F-150 Ford pick- up truck. Her parents then contacted Pasadena Police.

“We don’t know what the officer asked him or what’s the reason behind it,” Michael Ramos said. “Did he totally deny it, did the officer ever go over there? We don’t know.”

“And she’s only 13-- she’s a minor. There’s no confusion of her being an adult. Don’t ask a kid to get in your vehicle that you don’t know,” Ramos said.

The incident obviously scared the young girl.

“Oh yes it did. It shook her for a while till we got home and had a good talk with her,” said Ramos.

These parents are upset that the man wasn’t arrested, but Pasadena Police say he didn’t commit a crime by asking the girl if she wanted a ride.

However Pasadena Police assured us they are investigating the man.

The police department and school district cops are now doing extra patrols around the school, and at the intersection of Beverly and Ann Street where the man approached the girl.

“You just got to be careful and teach your kids to defend themselves at all costs,” Michael Ramos said. “Even if the guy is driving off, I would recommend picking up rocks and sticks to chunk at him--scare him off like he’s trying to scare you.”