Man accused in at least 10 sexual assaults of Houston girls

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Charges have been filed against a serial sexual assault suspect. Police believe Carlos Jose Ayala is responsible for at least 10 sexual assault cases in the northeast Houston and Harris County areas.

Police said Ayala is married and that they believe he's been doing this since 2014.

The pedestrian bridge is a bridge across from McReynolds Middle School. At least two sexual assault cases were reported in that area.

“Officers of the north east divisional gang unit spoke to Carlos Ayala, and he admitted to committing the sexual assault of the pedestrian bridge,” Marcos Betancourt with the Houston Police Dept.

Authorities said Ayala is 35 years old and now charged with four counts of indecency with a child and felony evading. For at least three years, police say this man sexually assaulted young girls. At least 10 sex assault cases, some dating back to 2014, have been linked to Ayala.

“Officers placed him in a video lineup and presented it to the victims, and three kids were able to positively identify him in the lineup,” said Betancourt.

Police said in some of the incidents, Ayala would come up behind the victim and inappropriately touch the girls through their clothing. In one incident, police say Ayala attempted to abduct a 7-year-old girl while she was walking with her 9-year-old brother. Police said he put her down when the brother yelled at him.

Police were able to track down Ayala and his car based on kids' descriptions -- but when they found him, he took off, leading police on a brief car chase. They eventually caught him and arrested him -- a relief to many, especially those at the middle school.

“To know that something -- a predator like that after our children is out there, was out there, is a big relief that he has finally been caught. Hopefully, he's behind bars and will get many years for doing these things to our children,” said Diane Guzman, an after school program manager at McReynolds Middle School.

Ayala is being held on a $475,000 bond.

Police said these ten cases may not be the only ones linked to the suspect and believe there may be more victims.

If you know anything, please give HPD a call.