Maleah Davis' mother receives criticism for not deleting Instagram posts of ex-fiance Derion Vence

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A search party headed up by "Houston's Unsolved Homicides" continued looking for missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Maleah's mom is back on social media and getting a lot of backlash for her posts about Derion Vence, the suspect in her daughter's disappearance.

Maleah's mom Brittany Bowens told us last week she was staying away from social media, but today she returned, making five Instagram posts about her daughter.

But Instagram users are in a tizzy about her previous posts about Vence, her ex-fiance.

“Although you were taken so early, I am honored to know, that only you knew how much I loved you. And no matter what, no giant can take that away," Bowens’ caption said.

Next to the five posts about Maleah is Vence rapping with his brother Joe.

That's followed by a dozen or so additional photos of Vence and Instagram users are reacting.

"You might want to delete Derion's pictures off here, don't you think?" one user said.

"Please tell me why a man involved with the disappearance of Maleah won't be deleted off your page," another user said.

The response from Brittany's page: "No not yet until I find out."

Vence’s dad is coming forward talking to YouTuber "Ickedmel" about his son, who's facing a charge of tampering with evidence namely a human corpse.

"First of all, he has no time to take her to daycare and come back home because he works 9-to-5, so how is he going to come home when he works a 9-to-5 job?" Joe Vence said.

"Does she work at all--Brittany?" the YouTuber asked.

"He just got her to start working. She didn't work at all for the first three years they were together,” Joe replied.

According to Joe, Bowens is not the one who called police when she arrived back in town to find her ex-fiance and two children had disappeared.

Bowens says she arrived home to find the house locked and nobody home.

When Derion wasn't at his brother's home, she said she knew something was wrong.