Maleah Davis’ father loses battle for custody of her brother

Jurors heard four days of testimony in a custody case that pitted Maleah Davis's biological father Craig Davis against her maternal grandmother Brenda Bowen. Custody was granted to Bowen.

Attorneys for Bowen described her as a loving caring grandmother who has a stable home and is financially capable of caring for Maleah's 6-year-old brother.

That's something they say Craig Davis is not able to do. Davis was thrown out of the courtroom by the judge Thursday afternoon when he yelled an obscenity at the grandmother's attorney who said he had no idea how to be a dad.

Davis's attorney Julie Ketterman told jurors Bowen knew about Maleah's head injuries and other instances of abuse.

Child Protective Services took both children from their mother, Brittany Bowen, but returned them three months before Maleah was allegedly murdered by her fiancé, 27-year-old Derion Vence.

"The abuse to Maleah was so horrific, how could they not know?" Ketterman said.

Bowen's attorney, Dennis Slate, told jurors this is not a case about Maleah's injuries, but who would be best to raise her brother.

"Both Brittany and Brenda Bowen are still both persons of interest in the criminal investigation," Ketterman said. "So we could be back here sooner rather than later."

An attorney representing the 6-year-old boy and an attorney representing CPS also wanted the grandmother to have custody of Maleah's brother.

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