Love triangle leaves Spring man dead, legal wife speaks

A love triangle left a Spring man dead over the weekend, and the case is still unfolding.

Karin Stewart is charged with felony murder in the deadly shooting of James Hargrove at home on Buttress Root Drive on Saturday. She's in jail with her bond set at $75,000.


According to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Stewart told deputies who responded to the home that she shot her husband after he told her he was in love with another woman. Through surveillance video, FOX 26 has learned the other woman was with the victim at the time.

Stewart claimed James was her husband, but officials learned she was possibly a girlfriend. 

The story deepens after his legal wife, Sandra Hargrove, reached out to us. She tells us that she and James are married, but separated.

"I got the call that my husband has been shot, they took him to Houston Northwest, and he didn’t make it," said Sandra. "It’s very hard to believe, we’ve been married for 14 years."


The wife tells us she is in disbelief. She says, they’ve been separated since November, and she was unaware of the other women. 

"I’ve never met the person, my knowledge is that she’s the caregiver," said Sandra. 

Sandra tells us they still spoke every other day, and he was her best friend. 

"I haven’t really seen him since my nephew's wedding, but I talk to him every other day," said Sandra. "He just recovered from COVID. He had been in the hospital, he was there five months. He couldn't walk, he had two heart attacks, a stroke, his kidneys failed, and he had just recovered from all of that. So for him to make it through all of that, to end like this, it's very disheartening."