Long wait for Blue Bell almost over

“We’re very excited Blue Bell is coming back,” said Marilyn Vasquez. “Because I have these two little boys and we love ice cream.”

It’s been a long five months for Blue Bell Ice Cream lovers.

“It’s been very hard,” said Hailey Dugar. “I don’t eat other ice creams cause we tasted em they don’t taste right.”

Some folks have just given up on ice cream all together if they can’t have Blue Bell.

“We just go every day and hope Blue Bell is back,” Dugar said.

The long wait is about to thaw and melt away. Not only does Blue Bell confirm it’s trucks are back on the road, a distribution center in Alvin tells us it has Blue Bell Ice Cream just waiting to be delivered.

“I’m scared to try it because I don’t know what went wrong with it,” said Kendy Jacobo. “I heard it was like people got sick and stuff.”

Back in April Blue Bell voluntarily recalled all of its products after its treats were linked to 10 listeria illnesses in four states including three deaths in Kansas. The company underwent extensive cleaning and decontamination at its plants in Brenham, Alabama and Oklahoma. Production resumed last week at the company’s Alabama plant.

“I think it’s great that Blue Bell can come back through the stuff that they had to go through,” said Roger Wagner.

“I’ll just have to think about it before I see it,” Jacobo said. “I’ll have somebody try it before I do.”

She’ll probably have no trouble finding people more than willing to taste test her Blue Bell.

“They’re always looking for ice cream,” Vasquez said about her two little boys.