Local lawmakers react to airstrike that killed Iranian general

As the White House makes plans to brief lawmakers on the airstrike that killed Iranian general Qassem Suleimani, local lawmakers are already staking their positions.   

Ahead of his return to Washington, Houston Congressman Al Green says he will add his name to a list of lawmakers warning the president against overreach that could propel the country into further conflict with Iran. "The president is the commander in chief of the military, but he's not above the law," says Green, "As such, the president cannot declare war. Only Congress can do that."      

But others say the airstrike that killed Soleimani was already authorized by existing law.        

Speaking to Fox News, Texas Senator John Cornyn said. "The President did exercise his authority, under the constitution to defend the United States and its interests. I think our friends on the other side are looking for some reason to disagree."        

Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is among those who are skeptical of the President's decision. "The question is whether or not this act by this president really had any basis in defending the nation," says Jackson Lee.        

However, as dissent grows in Iran and at home, Houston area Congressman Michel McCal says he's seen the information that prompted the airstrike. "If this president did not act with those facts before him, that would have been negligent, " says McCaul, "This threat was imminent and we stopped it by taking out Soleimani."        

While the conversation shifts to Washington, the country is left to imagine where and when Iran will retaliate, as promised.            

The Department of Homeland Security is urging Americans, at home and abroad, to be aware of circumstances and surroundings, warning that conditions can change at a moment's notice.