Little dog dumped near county shelter illustrates growing epidemic

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A little dog that someone used to love sits in a crate not knowing what she did to deserve this.

"I was just in shock of anybody that could do that," said Brenda Carrizales. The dog rescuer witnessed a woman dumped the 10-year-old dog across the street from the Harris County Animal Shelter.

Carrizales was torn over what to do first after witnessing the crime.

"Whether you chase the person down and confront them, which that might or might not lead to any solution, or you focus on the dog and make sure that they're OK," said Carrizales.

"It's illegal to dump and if we're able to find the person, they could be charged with cruelty and neglect," said Kerry McKeel with the Harris County Animal Shelter.

The dog's matted hair covered her eyes. She was wrapped in a urine-soaked blanket.

"They couldn't even take the time to at least cut her hair from her face so she could see or cut the hair from her mouth so she could eat," said Carrizales. "She was lucky I found her as soon as they dropped her."

But hundreds, if not thousands of dogs dumped or abandoned in Houston aren't as lucky.

"They really don't have the ability to survive on their own," said McKeel. "They're domesticated animals. They need people."

Animal advocate Rob Acuna has been documenting the city's growing population of dogs basically left to die.

"One dog can have 100 puppies in a lifetime, so the problem is neverending," said Acuna.

There's no good reason for anyone to dump or abandon a dog.

"It's always best to at least call the shelter, maybe talk through some possibilities," said McKeel.