League City police shoot and kill man while serving warrant

The League City Police Department say officers shot and killed a man who had a bladed weapon while serving a warrant on Wednesday.

Neighbors knew something was up with the house on the corner of Waco and Third. There was loud music. There were loud arguments, too, but they never though it would end up in crime scene tape and death.

Neighbor Jana Porterfield was working at the apartment complex across the street when this act of this tragedy began unfolding.

"Taking care of stuff and the construction workers heard noises and the next thing I knew SWAT guys were swarming through the apartments running this way. They brought the victim here and asked me to keep her. Here so she'd be safe," Porterfield says.

The woman was the common law wife. They were looking for Royce Sedotal.  It was their second time here in just a few hours.

"Yesterday all this started happening. There was two cops at nighttime around eleven," recalled a woman who would only give us the name Tina.

Police were responding to a domestic violence complaint about Sedotal. While questioning, him he somehow escaped from a patrol car and disappeared into the night. He reappeared in the house without his handcuffs. Police returned around ten this morning armed with a warrant.

"They encountered the suspect who was on the warrant at which time he made and aggressive move." said Kelly Williamson with the League City Police Department.

By aggressive move, they mean charged with a bladed weapon, possibly the utility knife his wife says he kept in the back bedroom. No officers were injured. Galveston County Deputies are investigating the shooting now.

"A little scary. I have faith in them and they did a really good job telling us what was going on and making sure we got out of harms way," said Porterfield.