League City homeowner devastated by vandals

A League City House has been burglarized and vandalized.  

The homeowner, Ange Mertens, is a flight attendant.  When she flew out of town this past weekend, someone broke in to her house and it looks like they stayed a while.

Paint was sprayed on the walls, refrigerator, mirrors, and even mattresses. Even the toy kitchen for Mertens' grandson is ruined. 

“The vandalism is just heartbreaking,” she said.   “It looks very juvenile looks like a bunch of kids on drugs came in and just had a party."

Beer bottles, shattered pictures and a tossed TV were in one room.  All of her clothes are piled up and covered with cosmetics, shampoo and even urine. 

“They urinated on the clothes, the floor, in the bathtub, on the rug downstairs.  ‘How's that make you feel?’ Violated," said Mertens.

The vandals clogged a sink and left the water running flooding the bathroom.  Water leaked through to the garage below. 

“I've never been very paranoid, it makes me really mad right now I am afraid to go to my house because they were in my bed and people in my house it makes me terrified to stay there.”

Cameras, computers, TV's, even medication was stolen.  A ring from her late father is gone too.  Hundreds in Christmas cash, all except $5.00, is gone. 

“I'm a single mom with three kids and I was so proud to be able to buy my first home pay for myself, no husbands, no parents and they ruined that for me," said Mertens.  “It's hurtful because people work hard for what they have and the people who steal it they don't work for it.  It’s selfish," said Candace Sheffield, Ange’s daughter.

Now Mertens is living in a hotel. League City Police, who dusted for finger prints and collected physical evidence, want her to think of a list of people who could've done this. 

“Nobody that I never met could do this.  In fact I don't know anybody in the world it would do this, like, who does this?”

Mertens does have insurance but she’ll be stuck paying at least the $5,000 deductible.  A friend from church has set up a donation link to help:  http://www.gofundme.com/gy2uhhtw