'Kristi Coffee' brings smiles to many during COVID-19 pandemic

If the pandemic is starting to weigh on you perhaps this Positively Houston will help make your load a little lighter. It's the story of a special young lady who's using coffee to make others smile and let me ask you this. What is the best coffee ever, Starbucks, or maybe a special homebrew? After this story, a 'Kristi Coffee' just might be your new favorite.

We first met up with Kristi as she hopped out of her family's car, walked up to a stranger's home, set a fresh new cup of coffee on the porch, rang the doorbell and hey she just rang someone's doorbell and ran but this ding dong ditch is no childhood prank.


Delivering a hot coffee to others is Kristi Oujesky's way of warming someone's heart who may need a pick me up during the pandemic.

“Hello Kristi thank you. Thank you,” Dwight Boykins smiles and shouts to Kristi and she smiles back while standing a good ten feet away.

"We usually post it on Facebook and we like to tag the people that we ding dong ditch just to spread the message of kindness,” says Kristi's sister Hannah Oujesky.

Even as everyone is practicing social distancing, Kristi, a super social butterfly has found a way to touch people in a big way. 

“She worked around that and decided to create her own way of embracing and saying thank you and I love you by passing out coffee and then a nice little card that I'm going to frame. Mooowah that's my hug to you. Thank you,” Boykins says while giving Kristi an air hug and she gives him one back.

The special deliveries have been a family affair since March. Kristi's mom, sister, and brother and law drive her to her coffee runs and she does the rest.

"Step number one coffee down. Step number two ding dong ditch,” Kristi explains. They run across recipients in different ways. "If someone's done something awesome or just a way to show people we love them and to be kind especially during all the corona craziness,” adds Hannah.

Former Houston City Councilman Dwight Boykins was chosen after he worked with GiGi's Playhouse, a group close to Kristi's heart, which works to empower people like Kristi with Down Syndrome.

"God bless you. I was so glad I was selected today,” smiles Boykins.

"Say goodbye. Look at that smile,” laughs Kristi's mom as Kristi smiles big and waves “Bye".

Kristi first contacts the recipient to find out what they like to drink and then she sets up a time to make the delivery. Well, I didn't have a 'Kristi Coffee' today but watching someone else receive one is the next best thing.