Klein ISD prepares for coronavirus with new tech

School districts across our area tell FOX 26 they are taking steps in case of a coronavirus outbreak locally.

Klein Independent School District introduced a new cleaning device at the start of the school year. District officials believe it helps them prevent the spread of infectious diseases like the coronavirus.

“Typically, with manual labor, you wouldn’t necessarily get every single surface whereas this [device] covers everything,” said Curtis Parks, the Assistant Director of Plant Operations with Klein ISD. 

The device is called Protexus. It uses water and a cleaning solution tab. 

“You literally just press the trigger and it is atomized and it goes through an electrode which gives it a charge,” explained Curtis holding the sprayer.

Cleaning crews use handheld meters to check bacteria levels before and after surfaces are treated. 

District officials credit the new device with fewer cases of influenza across the district, fewer requests for deep cleanings in classrooms, and a 70 percent improvement in absenteeism compared to last year.

“This is a cutting edge device that is proving to reduce mrsa, staph outbreaks, influenza, norovirus,” Parks added.

Now with the possibility of a coronavirus outbreak, he feels this device and other safety measures help them be as prepared as they can be.

”Our clinics are staffed with registered nurses, we have personal protective equipment in all of our clinics,” said Yvonne Clarke, Health Services Coordinator with the district. 

Clarke pointed out they have already been taking extra precautions due to flu season. she adds they’ve been in contact with the Harris County Health System and will follow recommendations including cancelling activities if necessary.

”Together we take the collective guidance of those experts and we make decisions based on what’s best on our community,” she noted. 

Klein ISD adds they’ll be doing a deep cleaning during Spring Break.

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