Kingwood woman and her blind daughter heartbroken over theft of their beloved dog

Karen Eitel was born blind and taught herself to play the piano by ear at a young age.

She and her mother Kathleen and their furry family member named Little Bit live on a quiet street in Kingwood.

“He wormed his way into my heart the second day we got him,” Karen said.

That was almost two years ago.

Now Little Bit, a white Maltese mix, is gone.

He was snatched early Sunday morning just a half block from home.

Kathleen Eitel says it was around 6:00 a.m. when she and Little Bit were standing in her front yard.

Little Bit is one of those dogs that never met a human he didn’t like.    

“He saw a woman standing at the stop sign and ran down there to greet her before I could catch him,” Kathleen said.

Then Kathleen says she saw a white pick-up truck with a man behind the wheel.

At first she feared Little Bit was about to get run over. Then, she sees the woman pick her dog up.

“And I thought she was retrieving him for me,” Kathleen said.

A horrified Kathleen then watches the woman jump into the pick-up with Little Bit in tow.

“I said 'oh no, that’s my dog', that’s what I kept yelling,” she said.

The mother and daughter filed a police report with the Kingwood Police Department. They have gone door-to-door to see if any neighbors have surveillance cameras that may have caught the crime on tape but so far no luck.

Little Bit was not wearing his collar, but is micro-chipped.

“If he can be ok, and if I knew he was ok, I wouldn’t grieve quite as bad,” Kathleen said. “But I fear he’s not going to be ok.”

“I want him back, his home is this address,” Karen said.

The mother and daughter are offering a $500 reward for Little Bit’s safe return no questions asked.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should contact the Kingwood Police Department or leave a post on Randy Wallace's Facebook page