Kingwood Park High School students rallying in support of friends who were violently attacked last week

Kingwood Park High School students are rallying in support of two fellow students who were violently attacked last week. In the two separate incidents, both students had to seek medical attention.

First, there was the bathroom attack on Wednesday that sent the victim who was punched in the face to the hospital for three days, according to his family. 

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The following day, a bigger, allegedly retaliatory fight, broke out in the hallway. One student suffered a seizure and was also hospitalized. 

The violent threats continued to circulate on social media Friday, prompting some kids, like sophomore Cas Magee, to skip school for the sake of her safety. 

"I didn’t go to school on Friday because there was a gun threat," Magee said. 


On Monday, Magee and other students organized a rally to help raise money for the victims and get the attention of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. 

"We don’t want this kind of violence in our school and in our school district. I hope that Kim Ogg will decide to take up the case and press charges against the offending students," Magee said. 


Extra police officers have been present on Kingwood Park High School’s campus as a precaution, according to the principal Wes Solomon in letters addressed to parents. 

In a statement, a spokesperson with Humble ISD said, "Unfortunately, kids sometimes make poor choices and when they do, it is upsetting to everyone. Police have followed every lead and there is no credible threat to the school. We appreciate the support received from parents as we continue to take statements from all parties and share them with the District Attorney’s Office. We also appreciate evidence submitted through iHELP, our anonymous reporting app."