Kingwood Kindness lend a hand to neighbors in Louisiana following Laura

Plenty of people in the Houston area know all too well the devastation of losing everything in a storm. So when Hurricane Laura hit our neighbors to the East, many here jumped right in to help and as you'll find out in this Positively Houston some haven't stopped helping.

A group from Kingwood just returned from assisting folks in Louisiana who were hit hard by Laura. In fact, since the storm, they've gone there every weekend.


It isn't how most choose to spend a Saturday, in a storm ravaged town helping strangers rebuild but that's exactly what volunteers in “Kingwood Kindness” are doing.

"Basically the towns we've been working with our small towns that have been forgotten. Orange, Texas. Hackberry, LA. Vinton, LA,” explains the Founder of Kingwood Kindness Richard Abram who started the group after Harvey to help hundreds of his neighbors, even as his own home flooded.

"If you put God first in everything you do, there's no way you can not feel compassion for your fellow man,” says Abram. Since Laura left her destruction the generous souls in "Kingwood Kindness” have regularly traveled the hundreds of miles to help.

"We have packed up people's remaining belongings, moved their household items to a new location, cleaned out all the damaged items. We have ripped out ceilings, sheetrock, anything they need,” says Kingwood Kindness Volunteer April Mayo.


"I just felt a sense of helplessness so as soon as Richard put all of this together I was like let's go. Let's roll out and go help these people in need,” adds volunteer Alex Trombley.
"We've been sending loads of supplies every day since Laura with the help of the community, all by donations,” says Abram. That's right they usually come bearing gifts. "Everything from toothbrushes to ceiling tiles,” explains Abram.

Some of the area hardware stores pick up where donations leave off and if Kingwood Kindness is still in need, Abram's wife Dawn who has a Masters in Economics, I'm told has also mastered extreme couponing. "Bless her soul and bless the people that have to deal with her and her couponing because she is vicious,” smiles Abram who even worked over the weekend on his 65th birthday. “If someone wanted to give me a birthday present they could have joined me helping that family rebuild”.

"The gratitude they feel for us showing up is absolutely moving. We have all held each other and cried with each other. We hug each other,” says Mayo.

"Each one of us individually may not be much but together we are so powerful,” adds Abram.
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