Kevin Kline runs 35 miles in a blizzard to deliver hope on Day 5 of his run

93Q's Kevin Kline has completed Day 5 of his 9-day journey, running 302-miles in Alaska, to raise funds and awareness about pediatric cancer.

On this day, he ran 35 miles in a blinding blizzard!

He has been running in temperatures well below zero. It has been a dark, cold, and often lonely challenge, as he runs mile after mile. He says that's similar to what children with cancer face, and he wants others to realize what they go through.

A big gift for Kevin today!

His wife, Trish, will arrive to see him and cheer him on personally, in Alaska!  We caught up with Kevin before he left Houston for Alaska, and he told us he was concerned about not having her there the first five days.

"She'll come up on the sixth day of our nine days up there and this is one of the biggest fears that I have. I have never been away from my wife for more than three days and this is going to be over double that. That's going to be hard and 21 hours of darkness - for someone who battles depression like I do - I will be sleeping when the sun is out - that's our sleep time - so I'm nervous about that too," stated Kevin.

He has been working through all of that and is now more than halfway through his latest mission.

Trish has been handling all of his watch parties here in Houston, and now their Snowdrop Foundation will take over those responsibilities.

They're getting closer to raising their goal of $200,000.  Kevin's medic, Scott Tyner, is sure helping with that goal.  He decided to join Kevin on the highway, wearing shorts with the Texas flag, in an attempt to grab attention and get more people to donate.  They sure both deserve it, after all of their sacrifices.

You can continue to follow their journey here.