Katy teenager offering virtual dance fitness classes

Cypress Springs High School senior Ryan Gordon has the moves to dump your quarantine blues.

After gyms closed in March, the Lifetime Athletic instructor started running his dance fitness classes on Facebook Live.

There's some Zumba routines, some hip-hop moves, and they all add up to a lot of fun.

“I was trying to find a way that I could still connect with people by dancing. That's what I love to do. I love to dance anywhere, anytime I can,” says Gordon.

He's also worked party vibes into his décor, stringing “custom” Christmas lights around the garage door that serves as his dance studio.  

“I got some Sharpies and I colored [the lights] different colors, and I hung them up by the rail for the garage door,” he laughs.

He also has two mannequins posing as background dancers. He says he rescued them from a trash heap after working at a convention.

“I ran and stuffed them in my car because I knew a day like this would come!” he says.

Over weeks of quarantining, Gordon has expanded his free classes to four days a week after people across Houston continued to tune in for his high-energy, high-impact workouts.

But with gyms back open, he's paring down his online offerings and starting to pick up some of his in-person classes. There's no doubt the beat will follow him to college where he plans to study dermatology in the fall.

In the meantime, Gordon says he plans to continue weekly online classes to keep heart rates and spirits up.

“Listen to your body. Have fun. Don't stop moving!” he says. “Especially if I say ‘don't stop moving.’ You better not!”

Find class information and more about Ryan on his Facebook or Instagram.