Katy ISD cancels author Emma Straub's visit for repeated use of the 'F' word

A best-selling author had her school visit canceled after organizers learned of "inappropriate and foul language on her social media platforms." 

Emma Straub is perhaps best known for her books: Modern Lovers, The Vacationers, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, and All Adults Here

American author Emma Straub who also owns a bookstore, Milan, 25th October 2022. (Photo by Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images)

The New York native's most recent publication, Very Good Hats, was released on January 10. According to Straub's website, the book's message looks to "inspire kids to see ordinary objects in a whole new way."

For this reason, Katy ISD said in a shared letter to the parents of Robertson and Cimarron Elementary students, she was expected to attend the schools last Friday. 


However, all that changed when the school learned she "regularly used inappropriate and foul language on her social media platforms – specifically repeated the use of the ‘F’ word." 

"This type of language, as you know, does not align with our school and community’s values," the letter went on to say. "Therefore, the campus has elected to cancel the author’s visit that was scheduled for Friday, January 13. We apologize for any misunderstandings or inconvenience regarding this decision. Though, ensuring we are consistently modeling appropriate behaviors and expectations for our students, both in the classroom and via other campus opportunities, is of high priority for our Robertson Bulldogs."

FOX 26 has reached out to Straub's team for comment, but we have not heard back, as of this writing.