Jurors in Terry Thompson trial see defendant's injury

Four days in and it's not getting any easier for anyone, especially Johnny Hernandez's family.

"It's very trying for them to see images and go through the timeline and relive the events of that night," said Cesar Espinosa with FIEL.

Today the defense played a recorded statement from an eyewitness who said Hernandez attacked Terry Thompson who had confronted him for urinating outside the Denny's. Thompson was there with his teen daughter and her friends.  The defense also showed a picture from that night where Thompson had a black eye he said came from an unprovoked punch from Hernandez. We also heard that Hernandez had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit.

"At the end of the day we hope more evidence will be presented and a better picture is painted of the events of the day," said Espinosa.

He says the most important event of the day was not who started the fight or how drunk Hernandez was,  but what happened when it was all over.

"What should've been done is is the authorities should've been called at that moment. There was no need for Mr. Thompson to turn into the person who was restraining him, the jury and the executioner on that same night," said Espinosa.