Judge recommends license revocation for dentist accused of causing 4-year-old's brain damage

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Nevaeh Hall was like any other 4-year-old until that fateful day last January when she was sedated for a dental procedure by Dr. Bethaniel Jefferson.

"Something that was supposed to be simple and then the rest of her life is changed after that," said Nevaeh's mother Courissa Clark.

"This dentist had the ability to know that this child was in distress at 11:00 o'clock that morning and to respond to that," said attorney Jim Moriarty.

According to court documents Jefferson waited 5 hours to call 911 opting instead to call her preacher and pharmacist several times seeking their advice.

Documents state Jefferson gave the 4-year-old Halcion while she was having seizures, a drug not appropriate for a child and not appropriate for a seizure.

"This could be used as a textbook story of what not to do with a child," Moriarty said.

Dr. Jefferson's state administrative hearing also reviewed a case where she treated a 5-year-old that according to court documents was over treated and overcharged.

In 2012 the dental board reprimanded Jefferson for failure to meet the standard of care when sedating a minor patient.

"This is a woman who is a walking talking threat to the lives and safety of innocent people," said Moriarty.

The administrative law judge overseeing Jefferson's hearing is recommending that her license be revoked.

Clark who has filed suit against Jefferson says she hopes the dentist watches the news so she can see what she's done.

"Dr. Jefferson got a chance to see my baby as she was before," Clark said. "I want her to get a chance to see her now so she can know what she did so for the rest of her life she'll think about what she did to a 4-year-old kid."

Dr. Jefferson was represented at the hearing by attorney Jennie Roberts.

Over the last two days we reached out to Roberts by phone email and social media seeking Dr. Jefferson's response.

So far we've heard nothing back.