Judge approves bond conditions for teen charged in Lamar HS student's death

A teenager faced a judge today charged as an adult in the shooting death of a Lamar High School student.

The judge has agreed with the State to adjust the bond restrictions for now-17-year-old Keona Mouton.

In addition to her $450,000 bond, the judge has agreed to a request that if she was able to bond out, she would be under house arrest and would be required to wear a GPS device.

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Prosecutors with the district attorney's office believe that she was a key in the death of 18-year-old Delindsey Mack.  They say the girl set up Mack to be shot and killed after school in November 2018.

Investigators say the teen walked out of school with Mack just five minutes after receiving a text message from 19-year old Kendrick Johnson asking if Mack had left yet.

Prosecutors believe Mack was interested in the girl and that's how she was able to lure him to a specific location.

The 17-year old was arrested in August and was charged with murder. On January 4, a judge signed an order allowing the teen to be tried as an adult.

We spoke to her defense attorney of only a week. He tells us he has a lot to review.

“We are in the very preliminary stages right now. Obviously, once we get all of the evidence from the state, we'll have a better picture of whether or not she was involved or what her involvement exactly was,” says defense attorney Adam Brown. “This is obviously a very serious case, one we take very, very seriously, and it's going to take some time to get everything together.”

Mouton's defense attorneys say she thought Johnson was just going to fight Mack.

Prosecutors did not want to speak today.