Joe Biden says President Trump is a "threat to our nation"

Following months of speculation, former Vice President Joe Biden announced he's making a 2020 run for the White House. 

He's among 20 Democrats vying for the nomination. Biden will hit the road campaigning in his childhood home state of Pennsylvania next week, scheduled to begin in Pittsburgh, where he'll receive the endorsement of the International Association of Firefighters and speak about rebuilding the middle class.

Biden's controversial comments about President Trump have locals discussing what Biden's platform and campaign mean for the future of both parties. 

Former Republican Congressional Candidate Justin Lurie remarked on how Biden's traditional appearance and older age doesn't seem to fit the diversity that the Democrats are calling for. 

"It is funny how there's all this talk about how we need to have a woman of color or whatever it might be, all these different points that are really about self-describing a person," says "It's not the content of their character, not about their policies, but it's about what they look like."

Super Neighborhood President Tomaro Bell chimed in with a rebuttal.

"Don't go on about character, because that is not relevant to the Republican Party, or [Trump] would not have risen to the top," said Bell. "Now, on the Democratic side, I believe they need to be diversed, we've done enough of the same old same old." 

Bell thinks Biden has what it takes to bring the party together in a blitz against President Trump in the election. 

"You want to choose someone that can engage the new progressive Democrats who have joined the party and keep the tried and true," said Bell. "Biden has a tried and true personality of unifying people."

Lurie isn't sold, and says we'll have to wait and see what happens. 

"We're going to find out in several months if Biden can get the votes," said Lurie. "Or if the party has gone too far left and Biden doesn't have enough intersectional votes."