Is President Trump off the hook after Mueller report?

President Donald Trump is taking a victory lap after the Attorney General's summary of the Mueller Report. However, although Mueller concluded that no one involved with the Trump campaign showed evidence of collusion with Russia, the report still does not exonerate him.

The Special Counsel probe indicted, convicted, or got guilty pleas from 34 people, including top advisors to President Trump. It took 22 months to complete and cost $25 million in taxes. 

Democrats are demanding a full release of the report by April 2 so they can further investigate obstruction of justice claims. 

There seems to be disagreement from both sides on what this means for the future of those involved with Trump and their innocence going forward. 

"We haven't seen the whole report, but this looks like a victory for him," says UHD professor of political science, Dr. David Branham. "The president is happy not just for himself politically, I think he's happy for his family. It looks like they're going to be cleared."

Others aren't as convinced that the president and his close supporters will be getting away so easily. 

"We don't know what Mueller might have turned over. Just because Mueller didn't [indict him], doesn't mean they aren't culpable in other things," says Super Neighborhood leader Tomaro Bell. Despite the fact that Trump hasn't been indicted, many others have been put away during the investigation, something she sees as a win.

"To say that nothing came out of this, it shows you that people were not looking at this from reality." 

Member of the Republican party are tired of the accusations and ready to move on with other issues and the next election cycle. Some aren't convinced that Russia played a role in the 2016 election at all.

"This is nothing more than an excuse for when Hilary lost the election in 2016. This is two years searching for a crime, and we couldn't find one," said Former Republican congressional candidate Justin Lurie. "We had testimony from over a year-and-a-half ago saying that not one vote was changed because of Russia." 

Bell had some things to say on the matter, touching on the incalculable role social media played in the 2016 election. There seems to be now way of knowing how many votes were swayed in this manner. 

"They don't know the effect [social media] had, that's why Facebook changed their whole policy, because they do feel like it had an effect," said Bell. "And once again, to say nothing came out of this, no one would have otherwise known about these illegal transactions they were involved in." 

So, what comes next? Will the investigation continue on into the rest of Trump's term, or will Democrats rally and push from another direction?

"Trump's percentage change of being elected again went up 6% in the past few days," said Dr. Branham. "So the Democrats have to strategize and say, 'should we just attack from another angle? Or should we continue with this and possibly make him look like a victim?' That's something they're going to have to decide."