In Houston Trump derides the helping heroes in "little boats" - What's Your Point?

At the MAGA Rally President Trump inexplicably repeated the mistake of deriding Texans for taking out their boats during Harvey to rescue fellow Texans.

 Joining the discussion: Jessica Colon - Republican strategist, Nyanza Moore - progressive commentator and Houston attorney,  Vlad Davidiuk – Communication Chief, Harris Co. Republican Party,  Tony Diaz- Chicano educator and activist,  Tomaro Bell – Super Neighborhood leader, Bill King - businessman, columnist and former Kemah Mayor, reflect on Trump's comment.

Here's a transcript of a portion of President Trump's speech at the MAGA rally for Ted Cruz here in Houston:

"It’s a great state. These are great people. And did we ever help you, Hey, honestly we were here a lot, did we help you with that lousy hurricane that you suffered through? That sucker was brutal. That was brutal.  I never saw anything like it. It kept coming in. It was taunting us. Have you ever been taunted? It was taunting, it would come in, and you'd say, oh great everything's and then it goes out.  It reloads,  it comes back in. Then it dumps, then it goes out, then it comes back three times. And I’m paying for that, I’m saying is this thing ever going to stop or just go away? That was a brutal, that was a brutal hurricane. And you know who was fantastic, the United States Coast Guard, you know. Because that was a very big deal and that was a lot of water. And I don't know who in this room did it, but these guys with the little boats, that think they have this great boat, okay? Where do these people come from? They want to go out  and they want to go into the hurricane to show their wife how great they are? And then they get out there and they say "Oh my God, I'm dead." And I asked one of the Coast Guard guys, so let me ask you a question - when they go out, by the way,  the Coast Guard are hard to believe they say in Texas, more than any other place, Florida had a bad one, but it wasn't the same kind. In Texas, the United States Coast Guard saved 16,000 lives. Think of what that is. Think of what that is. And I said to a couple of the top guys, these are great people, I said let me ask you a question, when these boats, what happens? He said, well they want to go out they want folks they want to sort of play at the edge, but there’s no edge to this monster, and it gobbled them up and these guys are, so I said,  how big is a thing like that? You all  have great equipment, you have the greatest boats. They said Sir, we have the best boats in the world but we hit that thing wrong we don't have a chance, these are  great boats,  but we go down just like everybody else. And they would ride the crest, they call it ride the crest,  they’d back up let it go by, they'd come in, they'd save a lot of people, then let it go back out… the coast guard their brand has appreciated more than any brand in this country, the United States Coast Guard, we have to say it. They did a great job. And next time, all you guys and gals, when there’s a hurricane do me a favor, don’t take your boat out. Just head out of town for a little while. That was a brutal period of time but you did incredibly, and you really, FEMA was great, law enforcement was great,  first responders was great, the military, but the Coast Guard represented the military, incredible."