Icy roads create trouble spots along highways

No, it wasn’t a nightmare. It was real for Courtnee Brouzovic. Her car was indeed facing the wrong direction on the ramp from U.S. Highway 59 to the Westpark Tollway.

"We were just driving and we came off here and we hit the ice and it started spinning," Courtnee said.

Everyone was okay and it was just her car, but hers was a drama played out countless times around the area.

The day started out with massive closures as the uncivilized temperatures allowed the ice to overstay its welcome. Commuters had to deal with closure after closure. Some were precautionary, others were after accidents blocked the roadway. They came and went seemingly at random making navigating around them maddening.

But the sun and the salt started working their magic. By mid-day the situation improved somewhat, this wrecker driver told us.

"Yesterday.. the whole day.. Every ten minutes a car hit the wall," said Mateen Ahmed. But he said it’s temporarily slowing down.  "Yeah, because the sun its out. In the night it's going to freeze again."

He might be right. So much of what melted during the day will freeze again at night. Hopefully Courtnee with be safe at home when it does.

"I'm just glad we didn't go over the edge or something because it could've been a lot worse," Courtnee said.