Hurricane Patricia makes history as strongest storm ever

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Hurricane Patricia has made history as the strongest storm ever.  It’s expected to make landfall in southern Mexico some time Friday afternoon.  It’s weighing heavily on the minds of many in Houston.  The storm could leave many homeless and even worse mean a high death toll. 

Strong winds from Hurricane Patricia are already felt here in Houston.

“I seen it on the news last night and my heart started beating faster because the living conditions from here to there are different,” Lisa Perez said.

“It's a very dangerous situation and I wrote they need to get out,” Victor Ibarra said.

Dark skies matched the mood at the Mexican Consulate in Houston.  Patricia, with winds as strong as 200 miles per hour, has the potential to be extremely deadly and cause destruction over a big part of the Mexican Pacific Coast.  It includes tourist hot spots Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco.

“A lady I had spoken to said the winds are really bad. They're already knocking over trees. So she was worried because her daughter and sister there,” Perez said.

Those speaking with loved ones in Mexico say some want to leave and can’t, and they say others don’t understand the extent of this storm.

“I hear some people want to stay the Mexican community they usually want to keep home safe. They think home is more valuable than their lives,” Ibarra said.

But here at home, many pray for the best and are already thinking of how they can help.

“Some people they have nothing so they say can you help us. Yes, we can help whatever we have we can help,” Catalina Gonzalez said.