Hundreds attend memorial candlelight vigil for George Floyd

Jack Yates High School held an event Monday night that was about one thing: remembering the life of George Floyd.

Floyd graduated from. Jack Yates High School in 1993.

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A lot of people who attended shared their memories of Floyd when they were in high school.

I was a senior when he was a freshman and we took freshmen under our wing," said Rodney Hogan. "I watched him grow from a tall skinny kid to a full-grown man."

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"I'm a graduate from the class of 96 so when I got to Yates in 93 Floyd was a senior," said Meshanda Phillips. "I remember accidentally bumping into him in the hallway and he wasn't mean to me he turned around and said you're all right little mama."

A lot of alumni who never met Floyd were also in attendance.

They wanted to remember the man whose horrific death was viewed all around the world.

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