HPD plans to beef up its presence at upcoming gay pride parade

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Houston police have provided security at gay pride parades for years now. Whether the parade was in the Montrose area, or downtown, police say there’s never been a major incident.

But the Orlando tragedy has HPD reassessing their security plans for both the Copa International Soccer Tournament, as well as the upcoming parade.

“They can expect to see additional officers in police cars, on foot, additional officers on bikes-- so there will be a large presence so we can deter criminal activity, but also so we have adequate resources so we can react to anything that does seem to happen,” said executive assistant police chief George Buenik. 

HPD will also have undercover officers in the crowd to monitor the event.

“Now there’s a new reality and we know that Isis is here and terrorism is everywhere now,” said security expert Hanan Yadin. “It would be a mistake not to do anything about it.”

Yadin says area gay bars should consider beefing up their security during Houston’s upcoming gay pride week.

He says the Orlando tragedy should remind us all just how important it is to be aware of our surroundings. He advises patrons of night clubs and other venues to look around and see where the exits of the establishments are located .

“I believe in self-defense I believe everybody has a right to defend themselves, and I think it’s a good idea to have a license to carry,” Yadin said.

Houston police say they want people to enjoy the upcoming parade on June 25th and not fear for their safety.
But they say they do want to remind everyone if you see something suspicious say something.