HPD officers shot and kill one would be robber critically injured another

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There's a reason the cops just happened to be at the Cash Store at 290 and Hollister when the robbery went down.

"They had prior knowledge that these suspects had committed robberies in the area, and they were believed to be responsible for Cash Store robberies," said HPD spokesperson Jodi Silva.

Officers with HPD's north side tactical unit reportedly followed the trio from Cash Store to Cash Store but nothing happened. But all that changed at this location.

The first robber walked out and ran to a nearby business to hide in the attic police say. The two robbers still at the store were confronted by cops.

"Both of them have guns drawn and they begin walking towards the officers who have taken cover behind a vehicle," Silva said.

Silva says the armed robbers didn't fire but failed to heed the officers' demands.

One was shot dead the other critically wounded.

Meanwhile, the SWAT team was called to the third robber hiding in the attic of a nearby business.

"At some point he just falls through the ceiling," Silva said.

He had no other choice but to surrender. The shooting will be reviewed by a grand jury.