How to find your voice to communicate better at work and home

One of the world's leading voice coaches wants to help us all find our voice. He worked with Princess Diana and believes his same advice to her can help us all boost self-confidence and exude personal radiance. 

Stewart Pearce has been helping tweak vocal cords and communication skills for more than 40 years. While he was the secret voice coach who worked with Princess Diana, he believes some of the advice he shared with her can help anyone.


"When I took over the work with Diana, it was in 1995, and she had just given the Martin Bashir interview.  If you remember, she looked through the top of her eyes and her voice was very submissive, as though she was being very delicate and then as we began to work together, she began to align her spine. The voice centered itself, and she began to have a very broad turn that gave her the impact that she wanted to feel and communicate to her audience. And I feel that all we have to do is look at the latest speeches through the last two years of her life when she was beginning to win, extraordinary awards in New York City. She was being applauded and congratulated and loved by the New Yorkers, so she felt really much more empowered, so there was a remarkable difference," states Pearce.

Pearce says Lady Diana more easily became the voice of change by finding the center of her sound, which can ring true for everyone.

"Our voices are at the very core of our being, so if we're not feeling good about ourselves, our voices always reflect that. So what I've done over the years is develop a whole series of amazing techniques of being able to help somebody find their note.  When we become harmonic, we feel our power being communicated to the world. And what's interesting is that people always respond to that positively," explains Pearce.

He says parents can even more effectively communicate with their children by being mindful of the reflection in their voice. If you want to strengthen your voice, Pearce suggests you slow down your busy day and practice!

"The first thing is to try and find silence, solitude and stillness! At some point during the day, where we begin to recollect what it is to become commanding and conscious, and then if we align that, we're feeling our spines really open because obviously, through the center of our spine flows our brain, flows all the neurological activity. If our spines are bent in any way, then our voices automatically begin to show it. We open the whole of the spine up and we begin to breathe really deeply, it relaxes us and as a result of that we feel good. And because we feel good, we start being empowered," smiles Pearce. 

He even has a new book to help readers find their voice.

"It's called ‘Diana the Voice of Change by Stewart Pearce.’ And here is a wonderful portrait that I had commissioned of the dear Diana," states Pearce.

He says it will portray where Diana's love, hope and radiance came from, and he hopes it will give everyone their own voice of change. 

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