Houston's first CBD infused coffee shop open for business

Houston's first ever CBD infused coffee shop is now open for business.

The Smoking Pot coffee shop is set to have its grand opening on Saturday, April 20. But today, customers were able to get a first taste of the coffee, pastries, and other items, all infused with CBD oil.

"He didn't even know that they were opening today, so we just came over and check it out," said customer Maureen Keever.

The Smoking Pot quietly opened its doors to the first customers on Thursday.

"It's the first CBD coffee shop to open up in Houston," says owner Erick Resendez.

He says he's had the vision for the caffeine and cannabinoid fusion shop for about five years. He says the passage of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 inspired him to finally take action on his dream.

"He's got cold brews. He's got all kinds of artisinal butters that he's going to be adding into the coffee with the CBD infused in the butter," says pastry chef Elizabeth Ann. "He's gonna do a powder that's gonna go into the coffee as well--on request of course--but he'll have infused and non-infused."

"The cake slice is a little bit large, and so it's more like a double dose, so it's about 20 milligrams, 25 milligrams, but mostly it's 10 milligrams per item," she says. 

The hemp cannabis extract is touted for pain and anxiety relief, minus the THC, which is the chemical in cannabis that would get you high.

"The most prevalent feeling that you get is calm," says Ann.

"For me it's good for pain relief and good for sleep without getting high or worrying about a drug test," said Keever, laughing.

Erick says he's had no problem opening up the shop, despite this statement sent to Fox 26 by the City of Houston Health Department. 

“It is the Houston Health Department’s understanding that CBD is a controlled substance and wouldn’t be allowed to be added to any food.”

Texas law allows hemp CBD, as long as it is free of THC. 

"We've got the blessing of the city as far as I know," Ann said. 

If you want to check out The Smoking Pot coffee shop, they're located on Long Point Road in Spring Branch. They begin regular business hours at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday.