Houstonians react to 2020 presidential election

The fallout from the Presidential Election is being felt throughout Southeast Texas. After a contentious election and four days of counting votes, much of the country seems politically divided.

Hundreds of President Donald Trump supporters gathered in Conroe on Saturday to voice their concerns about the election’s integrity. Congressman Kevin Brady organized the event, calling it a “Defend Our President Rally.” There, many people could be heard chanting “Stop the Steal.”

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“We need to examine all of the irregularities and make sure those votes are legal,” said Brady. “That will build confidence in the outcome. America can accept those results, even if we like them or not.”

“[I’m here to show] my support for Trump and the corruption that is going on against him,” said Charlotte Allen, a Trump supporter.

While President Trump supporters gathered in Conroe, voters for President-Elect Joe Biden celebrated in Houston’s Third Ward.

“It’s a great win baby,” cheered Duni Hebron, a Biden supporter. “We got our country back.”


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee organized a car parade celebrating President-Elect Biden.

“Oh happy day, it is, oh happy day,” said Congresswoman Jackson Lee. “We are all together now. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are going to represent the United States of America.”

“We’re happy to have a White House that represents the people,” said Melanie Miles, a Biden supporter. “Not just a certain sector.”

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On Election Night, President Trump had a large lead in several swing states. However, mail-in ballots were added to the totals. After four days of counting, former Vice President Biden was named the President-Elect.

“The media doesn’t decide elections, the American voters do,” said Brady. “Let’s let those votes be counted. Let the process continue.”

“What I hope for President Trump is that he pursues it and the decisions are rendered,” said Jackson Lee. “That he will find a way to be part of a peaceful transition of government.”


Trump’s campaign team is now promising a legal battle involving the election. While some people celebrate Biden, other’s question the election results.

“I’m just so irritated,” said Allen. “We go to bed, and we wake up, and he’s not our President anymore. It’s wrong.”

“The people have spoken,” said Hebron. “The votes have been counted. Every vote was a legal vote.”