Houstonians protest as country awaits presidential election results

Election frustration is now noticeable on some city streets nationwide.

On Wednesday, a couple of different protests took place in downtown Houston. One group marched with anti-Trump posters from City Hall to a federal building. Members of the group carried guns and used a baseball bat to hit a President Donald Trump piñata.

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A second protest also occurred along Buffalo Bayou Wednesday evening. The group expressed their frustration as Americans wait for the Presidential Election results.

“I’m concerned that Trump is trying to steal the election,” said Keith Thompson, a Joe Biden supporter. “[I’m concerned], that he actually lost, or is losing, and is trying to stay in power anyway.”

“We need to stand-up and show that every vote must be counted before we declare the President of the United States,” said Julia Lewis.

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Following Tuesday’s election, President Donald Trump’s campaign team announced legal action against certain states, and possible voter fraud.

“It just seems like all of the Democratic states have suddenly found new votes that have come in by mail,” said Bruce Badeau, a Trump supporter. “I think this thing is going to end up in the Supreme Court. I think we’re going to find a lot of voter fraud. I’m an American and I believe in democracy. I think every vote counts, as long as all of those votes are legal and they’re not played around with. There are too many ways to get in there and cheat.”

Votes across the country continue to be counted. This, while many people wait on edge, or even protest, out of frustration.

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