Houstonians head out for Small Business Saturday

From pop up shops to the kind you just walk right into, crowds could be seen all over The Heights for Small Business Saturday.

Mary and Moss opened up two weeks ago, but even the shops manager and clothing buyer says they've noticed bigger crowds.

"I like to see people's unique vision come to fruition within their own little boutique so it's like going to someone's house and shopping their favorite things", says Reed Bussey.

A few blocks away off White Oak Miles of Style along with a few other businesses owners set up stands outside of Onion Creek. "Because it's small business Saturday we are having a big sale today, most of the fashion trucks in the area and the small businesses in the local area are doing sales just like the big cities, just like the big department stores but people are hopefully choosing to shop small", says owner Kesha Chatman.

Chatman says she even offered 20% off to help with sales. Chatman, "It puts food on our tables, it's not a big CEO getting another big house, this is actually people who are taking care of families here in the area".

Shoppers in the area say they were impressed with the discounts and wide variety of things they could find, all within their own neighborhood.

"Seeing it develop over the past ten years and just supporting local and everyone that is an artisan here, where else would I want to go", says April Guzik who was out shopping with her friends.

Scott Shlasta says, "it's very cool to see the grass roots kind of thriving in small neighborhoods like this"

"Being back here in Houston, wanted to support small businesses", says Olivia Gardner.