Houstonians bid farewell to George Floyd

A day of mourning for Houstonians as thousands bid farewell to George Floyd.

Attendees were allowed to view Floyd’s body briefly, while following social distancing guidelines.

People we spoke with said that it took anywhere from 1-2 and a half hours to pay their respects to George Floyd, and they all said it was worth the wait.

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“It’s hurtful, and it’s sad, you know. But the thing of it is this is something everybody is going to remember,” said Sarah Obasoyen.

Tiffany Evans Johnson agrees, saying, “It’s been a couple of hours, but it’s well worth it, and we appreciate how peaceful it is, and calm, and well-controlled. You know we don’t see that around the world a lot, and we are glad to see it in his hometown.”

Many waited in long lines to be shuttled just to wait in another long line, while others made the long walk from parking lots to make it inside The Fountain of Praise Church.

The family of George Floyd and their attorney attended the public viewing briefly and addressed the crowd.

“I’m appreciative of everyone coming out. It just hurts a lot just being here, just talking. Just pain. I thank you so much for coming out to support us,” said Philonus Floyd, George Floyd’s brother.

More than 6,300 people went out to pay their respects, lay flowers, and they remained until the gold casket containing Floyd’s body was removed from the church.

Many say it’s the end of Floyd’s life, but the beginning of something bigger.

“One thing Floyd’s daughter said, his daughter Deon said his dad change the world, her dad change the world, and this is the beginning of something, a momentum,” said Obasoyen.

George Floyd’s body will be returned to The Fountain of Praise Church on Tuesday where a private funeral service will be held for the family which will begin at 11 a.m.

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