Houston World Series of Dog Shows at NRG Center

In this heat you’re probably looking for just about anything to do indoors. Well, there's a super cool event at NRG Center -- the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. It's one place where you, your kids and your furry family members can escape the heat. Pet pooches are just as welcome at the dog show as the cute canines competing.

From fur balls to fancy belles of the ball, the competitors at the show are just about as poised and prim as they come. 

"She was Best in Breed today,” Joann Neal says about her miniature poodle. You can see why. She’s gorgeous. So how does Neal keep Fannie looking fine? "Well I've got some hairspray that will stop a bird in flight."

Spirit and Luke may not have luscious locks, but they are from a breed just recently recognized by the American Kennel Club called "Nederlandse Kooikerhondje". "It’s a lot of syllables that just mean the Dutch duck trappers little dog,” explains Deborah Bean, who’s now showing this breed.

How is it possible to come up with a new breed? The way Bean explains it, during World War II this dog nearly became extinct.

“And there have been too few of them anywhere in the world to be involved in regular competitions until this year," she says. 

These canine competitions, by the way, can really set you back a buck or two. “There’s feeding expenses. There’s health testing. There’s travel expenses and we’re probably looking at $20 to 50,000 a year,” says Bean.

Participants say the payoff is priceless when you come together with people and pups from all over, like Elsa from Colorado who’s real name is: "It is Bug A Boo’s Let It Go Blue Mountain,” smiles Elsa’s pet parent Heather Johnson. How do they come up with these names? "Her mother’s name was Tush so it just seemed like we should name her Fannie,” laughs Neal. 

While the purebreds are competing, rescue groups are set so you can adopt there at the show. In addition to the best dog contests, there are also performance events, including dancing dogs, disc catching canines and a "My Dog Can Do That" section where spectators bring their dog and show off a few tricks. The dog show runs 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. through Sunday.