Houston woman is reunited with her stolen dog

Tears of joy now fill the eyes of Jennie Kahanek, who has been reunited with her beloved 9-year-old Australian Shepherd Cody.

While sitting in her living room on Thursday, she describes how her precious pup was found.

A few weeks back, Jennie was shopping at Lowes off of 610 and Ella when her truck and her dog Cody were stolen.

After putting out flyers offering a $3,500 reward, Jennie got a call. At first, a woman called Jennie to say she had found Cody. But after several hours and being unable to get the woman to meet, another man called to say he found Cody.

"Then I get a call from this guy named Jason and he said he thought he found my dog," Kahanek says. "I said 'well I think it is, but we need to meet.'" 

So Jennie says she met the man, taking a chance on something she felt uneasy about.

"I called her and she didn’t immediately respond and I called her louder and she heard me and saw me and just came running like crazy. I finally, because I’m going to love my dog before I pay any attention to them, I said 'well I will give you some money for this, do you have a flyer?' And he goes back to the car and of course he had the flyer for the $3,500 reward," Kahanek says. Then she added, "It’s just a pure case of extortion."

Houston police are still investigating this case.