Houston twins recognized nationally for feeding families in need

Thousands of families in Houston struggle to put food on their table. In this Positively Houston, we meet a couple of sisters who are working to change that.

The Zhu sisters have now provided meals to more than 1,000 Houstonians. They're only 17 years old and they're just getting started.


“It's a two peas in a pod type of situation,” smiles 17-year-old Annie Zhu. She and her twin Shirley have been doing just about everything together, well, since they were born.

"It's always great.You have a partner in crime for everything,” Shirley adds. Lately, Annie and Shirley Zhu are teaming up to provide meals to Houstonians in need through Fresh Hub Houston.

"Fresh Hub is the organization Shirley and I co-founded together where we get food that would have been thrown away from grocery stores and deliver it to places that really need it,” Annie explains.

"It was about taking initiative when we saw a problem in our community. If people are worried about where their next meal is going to be they don't have as much time, energy, and effort to put into things like school and work,” says Shirley.

They work with up to ten different grocery stores and bakeries, receiving food for area families. Meals the twins were stunned to know would otherwise be thrown out. "It was incredibly surprising to me, especially when we went to bakeries and we saw bags and bags of donations from them,” says Annie.


The girls partner with another non-profit and the health department to identify families in need.

The Bellaire High School Seniors are being nationally recognized for what they're doing:

Annie was named a Gloria Barron National Young Hero. "To be awarded is incredibly humbling, yes it is” the girls nod and agree.

Shirley was given a CWIT Center For Women in Technology Aspirations in Computing Award for building the Fresh Hub app.
"Anyone can make change in the community. It doesn't take any special prerequisites,” says Annie.

"We have rescued 11,000 pounds of food and served over 1,500 Houstonians. As our modern world is progressing with technology and just a lot of different interactions I think the younger generation can be the head of that to incorporate technology and different movements in community service,” says Shirley.

I have a feeling we'll be hearing a lot more from the Zhu sisters and I would love to hear from you. If you know someone making a positive difference in Houston email me at Damali.keith@foxtv.com.