Houston street closures due to Democratic debate at TSU

Ten presidential candidates will take the stage at Texas Southern University in Houston on Thursday for the third Democratic presidential debate.

The event will cause the closure of some streets surrounding Texas Southern University.

According to Texas Southern University, the following streets will be closed between 1:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday:

  • Ennis St. from Truxillo to Blodgett: no vehicular traffic
  • Blodgett St.  from Delano to Ennis: no vehicular traffic
  • Cleburne St. from Ennis to Tierwester: no vehicular traffic
  • Blodgett St. from Ennis to Tierwester west-bound: event ticketholders only; open from Ennis to Scott St. - eastbound
  • Cleburne St. from Scott to Tierwester: event ticketholders only
  • Tierwester St. from Blodgett to Rosewood: event ticketholders only
  • Residents from Delano to Ennis (between Blodgett and Truxillo) is open only to residents with valid ID and event staff with credentials