Houston sports fans show how much they love the Astros

The Astros preseason has begun, and fans are showing up and showing off! 

Among the crowds at Minute Maid, everyone had a unique story about the Astros gear they were sporting. It seems like every fan has a special jersey, hat, even a tattoo that means something to them representing this beloved sports team.

One enthusiastic fan had on not one or two, but four jerseys layered on! He represented the Astros, Texans, and Rockets. 

Another young crowd member had a tattoo of each of our local sports teams permanently etched on his skin. 

"Don't tell my parents!" he said. 

The World Series has brought out new dedication from fans. One fan refuses to wash the jersey he was wearing when the Astros won the World Series in 2017! 

If you're a fan of 90s nostalgia, replicas of the jerseys the Astros wore when they played in the Astrodome are now available for purchase. They've only been giveaways until now, but you can now sport the vintage gear for yourself. 

Friday, April 5 will be the Astros season opener at Minute Maid Park.