Houston shooting: 80-year-old shot by 73-year-old neighbor, police say

Two elderly men were involved in a shooting in the east Houston area on Friday night.

Lieutenant Willkens reports officers were called to an incident in the 1500 block Demaree Lane after a 73-year-old man shot an 80-year-old man in the stomach area.

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According to investigators, the 80-year-old and 73-year-old man live about a block away from each other.

The 80-year-old was allegedly rummaging around in the 73-year-old's carport, Willkens says. Hearing the commotion, the 73-year-old went outside to see what the noise was. The 80-year-old male swung a cane at the other man, so the 73-year-old shot him with a small pistol, officials said.

HPD states both men went back to their homes to call the police.

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Willkens reports the 80-year-old is expected to be okay, and the 73-year-old is cooperating with officers.

A similar incident happened between the two men back in June 2023, but no one was shot.

It is not known if charges will be filed.